About diving

Learning to dive

Have you always wanted to see the amazing underwater world from up close, but you have never been diving before? No problem, diving is for everyone! Are you older than 10 years of age and in good health, then you can obtain an internationally acknowledged divers license at most of the diving centres we offer. These courses take you up to 4 or 5 days, but a lot of the necessary theory can be studied at home before you arrive at your destination. This can save you some precious time on location, to make sure you enjoy the trip to the maximum. By completing the dive course, an underwater community awaits to be discovered. You can now dive at every dive centre around the world.

After obtaining your primary scuba dive certificate, you can proceed with a continuing education. During the continuing education you will be introduced to a wider spectrum of diving, such as night diving, drift diving, deep diving, nitrox diving, wreck diving or underwater photography.

We advise you to book your courses in advance. This guarantees that the diving centres on location have free space and an instructor available, and you can start your diving right away!

Every diver is expected to carry a valid medical dive examination. This is in the first place a safety measure for yourself, but also for the dive centre. These forms can be easily downloaded from our website. The course book has to be acquired in advance or from the dive centre locally.

A medical examination stays valid for 1 or 2 years. Don’t forget to bring your logbook and divers license with you on your trip, this is a fun way to record your experiences and your experience can be easily checked by the dive centre. Dive centres have the right to ask for a “check dive”, in order to judge your diving skills. Any expenses for this check dive can be paid locally.