Indonesia Scuba Diving

Indonesia is a place where you will find numerous diverse diving destinations. The number of diving destinations is higher than anywhere else in the world because the place is positioned at the triangle of the world's best aquatic biodiversity.

Thus, Indonesia diving holidays is always on the priority list of any of the world’s diving enthusiasts. The serious divers can enjoy the best of Indonesia diving in the famous diving spot of Sulawesi, whereas the inexperienced diverse can take a plunge into the best of “Live aboard” destinations such as Kararu, Raja Ampat, Banda and Komodo.

If you are interested in Indonesia scuba diving, you can start the adventure in Kararu live aboard and then enter the isolated thrilling sites in the Indonesian archipelago. You can also take on cruise and enjoy the diverse beauties of Komodo Marine Park Banda Sea, Raja Ampat and Fak Fak in the Western portion of Irian Jaya, etc. Take on Indonesia scuba diving and explore the beauty of mysterious marine life.

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