Bonaire Scuba Diving

Do you like the mix-n-match of an adventure sports holiday? If so please do consider a scuba diving holiday in Bonaire. Bonaire scuba diving is truly the best and you will definitely have an experience of a lifetime with the glittering waters and fascinating underwater sceneries. The professional and skilled diving operators confirm your safety while you take a plunge into Bonaire diving arena.

The Bonaire Marine Park wonderfully protects it’s underwater assets. Around the shoreline of the Bonaire Marine Park you will find several yellow stones that mark the access points of the diving sites. People choose Bonaire diving holidays mainly because of the freedom that they avail of in this location. You can dive at your own pace and dive wherever you want. However, this is recommended only if you are an expert diver and with a buddy or else you can always choose a guided diving tour.

You will simple love the immaculate condition of the reefs in the Bonaire Marine Park. Both government and the locals are very much aware about the protection of the environment so that the tourists can enjoy their vacation in this area and get an experience of lifetime.

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