Curacao Scuba Diving

Curacao is a part of the popular Netherlands Antilles that boasts some of the best diving destinations in the world such as St. Maarten, St. Eustatius, Saba and Bonaire.

The popularity of the neighboring diving destinations is definitely higher than that of Curacao scuba diving, but the area still features some of the best reef dives in the Caribbean like that of the Mushroom Forest, Barracuda Point, Sandy's Plateau, the Valley, the Dolphin Academy, and Superior Producer, which is a long wreck dive (230 foot). Moreover, if you want to avoid the rush of the other popular diving destinations of Netherlands Antilles, take on the Curacao diving holidays adventure.

If you choose National Curaçao Underwater Park as your Curacao diving destination then you can check out some of the well maintained reefs around the island. If you want some adventure in your diving experience, then take a trip to the adjacent Klein Curacao. You will find rough seas on your way and the experience is truly enigmatic. The island of Curacao is home to numerous traditional dive resorts as well, thus you have plenty of choice to enjoy in your diving holiday.

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