South Africa Scuba Diving

If you want to enjoy the best of diving experience that is unique and diverse then you must pack your bags for South Africa scuba diving holidays. South Africa scuba diving is just amazing with its long coastline that ranges from 35°S to 27°S. Take a plunge in the Sodwana Bay and encounter with the world's most southerly coral reefs. South Africa diving experience comes with memorable encounters with Whale sharks, dolphins, turtles, ragged tooth sharks, vibrant fishes, and many more.

Do you love the experience of cold water scuba diving? Visit Cape Town then slip into your wet suit and take the plunge. All your efforts when you enter the water will be worth it and you’ll remember the experience for the rest of your life. If you are a first timer, then you can visit an inland dive resort close to Johannesburg where you can complete your initial dives in an empty quarry. There are several destinations of scuba diving in South Africa.

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