Diving with Disabilities

Water activities improve people’s health both physically and psychosocially (especially aquatic programs). Scuba diving can be a great adventure for people with disabilities as it improves muscle strength, breathing, movement, power and self-esteem. Diving with disabilities is a fabulous opportunity to explore the magnificent world of marine life. Disabled individuals can find it easier to adapt to the water than most people.    

The IAHD (International Association for Handicapped People) and the HSA (Handicapped Scuba Association) have opportunities for disabled individuals to train towards a diving certificate. If the person got the first level then he/she can dive with a buddy who holds an open water diving certificate. For the person to get level three they would need to be able to dive with two people who are certified as professional divers who are able to are there to help in all situations.

Diving with disabilities provides a great amount of positive emotions, exciting challenges and positive feedback. It is a great experience for the person and they can improve their strength and confidence. The purpose of scuba diving is to improve communication skills and to overcome lack of self-confidence. Scuba diving gives them a lot of energy, touching feelings and brightens their lives.

The diving centers offer a professional team that participates in diving with disabilities. All professional divers must meet the high-standard criteria. Every diving level should be performed at the suitable conditions and the right factors. People with all kinds of disabilities can participate in scuba diving. Everyone has the right to have fun and be treated fairly. The professional divers must take care of the learning divers and make sure they make them feel comfortable.   

Underwater diving is a fascinating experience that brings lots of new and fresh impressions.  After the pool and classroom experiences are finished, it is a good time to find a diving destination and try a wonderful diving experience. There a warm clear waters, beautiful reefs, corals and abundant marine life. It is important to be in warm water as people can have issues with the temperature regulations. It is also important to check the diving time and depth. Both these key factors can decide on the needs of the disabled individual.

Diving is a great experience for disabled individuals
and makes them a lot happier

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