Costa Rica Scuba Diving Holidays

Unlike many other scuba diving destinations, the popularity of Costa Rica diving holidays has increased many folds in the recent years. Costa Rica scuba diving is simply a treat as the latest facilities in this part of the pacific coastline include fully loaded dive shops and amazing dive boats. The experience of Costa Rica diving is unmatched because of the true virginity of the diving destinations.

The diversity of the marine life is sure to catch the attention of any vacationers traveling to Costa Rica. The abundance of so many beautiful reefs, corals, invertebrates, fishes, etc is simply a treat to the eyes.

There are several peaks and rock structures in the beautiful islands of Costa Rica. Some of the popular scuba diving destinations include the pacific coast of Guanacaste province; Murcielagos Island and the Catalinas Island where you can find sharks, jacks, Cortez angelfish and various tropical species; Cocos Island with huge diversity of wildlife; Cahuita with immaculate fan-shaped coral reef extending 500 meters; and a lot more.

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