Dolphins Diving

If you had the chance to put a question to a room of pleasure divers about their dive fantasies, you will get often be told that dolphin diving is very high of their desire to do list. Nowadays it is a far wide spread experience than ever before and attracts many divers from all over the world.

Dolphins diving can be divided into three types, wild, captive and semi-captive. There are many places in the Worlds Oceans where you can have an exciting experience with dolphins, but some luck is needed as well.
What is the most important thing when you are considering some wild dolphin diving? The key thing here is fun and the thrill given to both parties. A Dolphin in the wild is a very active and fun loving creature and being a mammal is attracted to other warm bloody creatures. Thus they like to investigate explore and play a great deal.

They thoroughly enjoy it when people play with them. It is well known that Dolphins are one of the cleverest and smart creatures in the world. If they see that you are focused on taking photos, they understand it and will play either pose for you or go off and look for more entertainment with somebody else. If you look into a dolphin` eyes you can see that they are very smart and look at you as an equal and it’s as if they understand everything.

More you play with dolphins, more they jump out off water, click, and whistle and enjoy the game! The more you keep the dolphins interested in what you are doing, the more they will show their interest to you.

They are very pleasant and kind marine mammals. Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals in the world and their often friendly appearance and seemingly playful attitude to human culture is why dolphin diving is so popular among children and adults.

Another characteristic feature of a dolphin’s life is its ability to swim extremely fast. Thus it is more optimal to snorkel rather than scuba diving due to the fact that scuba diving itself is a slower pastime. Besides while snorkelling, you can move up far closer and have a swim beside the dolphins.

The second category is semi- captive one; this type combines a particular meeting with dolphins and their free swimming on the open ocean. Usually they follow the boat, interrelating with the divers, and then follow the boat around wherever it goes. They do not swim too far away from the boat because their feeding habits are correlated to that of the getting their fish handed to them from the boat. This makes them very people friendly and thus they are really friendly to play.

The most electrifying type is wild encounters. Wild dolphins do not cooperate so easily as domestic ones. You do not know what wild dolphins think in their head, whether they treat humans as funny or a possible threat. As yet nobody knows, however, this type is the most exciting and if you are very lucky when u achieve interaction with the wild dolphins. It will leave you with an unforgettable experience and some really fantastic photos and memories you will cherish forever.
Captive dolphin programs are found in many parts of the world and are organized in large purpose built pools or in a penned of ocean atmosphere. These shows allow the general public a see and feel a taste of the beauty and cleverness of the dolphin and their friends. They are very fun loving and enjoy showmanship playing with humans and reacting to the crowds.

Diving with dolphins
is a modern and rather popular therapy. It helps to solve psychological issues and developmental disabilities. Seeing them drift in front of your eyes is a joy to behold. If you respect nature, nature will respects you and where dolphins are involved respect is the name of the game.
In general, you can choose any type of dolphin diving, what matters is that you gain an enormous thrill and magical life long experience. This is for sure 100% guaranteed, and there is no any reason to wait, join the dolphins now, they are waiting for you!

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