Mozambique Scuba Diving

There are several diving destinations in the world and Mozambique is definitely one of the best. Mozambique scuba diving has its own charm as you will love the appeal of the virgin reefs, warm waters and beautiful beaches. The entire Mozambique diving experience is exciting and thrilling as you have to share your space with the giant Whale sharks underwater. If you plan to go for diving in the town of Praia do Tofo, there is a chance that you’ll encounter a lot of Whale sharks. That’s not all because if you visit Tofo during your Mozambique diving holidays, you might get a few surprises. Recently two new species of Manta rays were discovered in Tofo's Manta Reef.

Take on Mozambique scuba diving to find out more about the attractions. Another diving destination in Mozambique is Zavora. Here while scuba diving you can come across; Manta rays, sharks, wrecks and whales. There are several guided tours available and that’s because it’s absolutely safe to enjoy scuba diving in Mozambique.

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