Cayman Islands Diving Holidays

Cayman Islands scuba diving is interesting, complex and varied. Cayman Islands are popular for wall diving, reef diving and wreck diving. The shipwreck dives and the reef dives are generally thirty to sixty feet deep. Make it a point to start your Cayman Islands diving with reef and wreck dives at the maximum depth intended and slowly go up all the way through your dive. Carry on your way up beside the Cayman reef as the sunbeams slowly strengthen, you will observe a great boost in the colourful ambience. You can enjoy the real beauty of marine life such as coral, fishes, sponges, etc. from real close.

When you are out to enjoy Cayman Islands diving holidays, make sure to take part in the adventure of wall diving. Cayman Islands wall diving journey begins over or through caverns, chutes and tunnels where you will come across crab, shrimp, lobster, etc. There is a chance of spotting even a moray eel. On reaching the wall, you can notice Spotted Eagle Rays and even sharks.

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