Diving equipment

  • Can I bring extra baggage for diving equipment?


  • FAQ All FAQ questions How can I book a flight?
  • How do I find the cheapest ticket?
  • Should I reconfirm my return flight?
  • Can I request special meals for the flight?
  • What is the amount of luggage I can check in?
  • When will I receive the tickets?
  • How many hours before departure should I be at the airport?


  • How can I book a hotel?
  • Do I pay a supplement for the accommodation as a single traveller?
  • Do I get a voucher for the accommodation reservation?
  • I have a handicap but would like to book a hotel, is this possible?


  • What is the amount of luggage I can take with me?
  • Can I bring extra luggage for diving equipment?
  • Can I put a divetorch in my bags?


  • How do you ensure safety while making a payment?
  • How can I pay for my hotel and/or flight?
  • Where can I fill in my way of payment?
  • Are there any costs related to payment by creditcard?
  • How does the payment with Ideal work?
  • Where do I fill in my way of payment?


  • How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

Travel documents

  • When will I receive my tickets?
  • Do I need a passport?
  • For how long should my passport be valid?
  • Do I need a visa?


  • What happens to my personal data when I book through Diveandgo.com?
  • What are "experienced divers"?
  • Is this website a safe website?
  • Will Diveandgo staff asks for personal information by telephone?
  • Is online shopping safe as traditional shopping?
  • How does Diveandgo ensures safety while you making a payment?
  • How does Diveandgo ensures safety against electronical fraude?
  • Is the padlock symbol not visible in your browser?