South Pacific Diving Holidays

The South Pacific is a home to four states and their 607 islands. These four states are Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae, and Yap. All these areas offer excellent scuba diving opportunities and hence South Pacific diving is very popular among the tourists all around the globe.

Diving in Chuuk- Chuuk features the Eastern Caroline Islands with the area of 1028 km. There are seven islands in this group of islands and here wreck diving is a very popular pastime .

Truk Odyssey in Weno- Excellent shipwreck destination with outstanding under water treasures such as soft and hard corals, sharks, eagle rays, gorgonians, tropical fish and much more.

Bali- Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean intermingles in this area and it makes a great spot for South Pacific scuba diving.

Fiji- Fiji is an island of paradise where you can dive and enjoy the best of attractions. Check out the virgin beauty of island of Beqa and take a plunge into the warm water with sponges, fishes, corals, etc.

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