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The liveaboard experience once tried is never forgotten, depending on your area of interest and your level of experience you can choose from many different vacational regions and vessel accommodation. 

Just Imagine waking in the morning up next to a remote reef or wreck, walking out on the sunny  deck and dropping over the side after breakfast, descending into clear warm waters amongst a vast variety of corals and marine life. This is what a liveaboard is all about, giving you a super opportunity to be in touch with the dive sites twenty four seven and therefore try out many different types of day and night dives.

Some craft cater for large parties whereas others cater for individuals or small groups. All represent a stunning and fabulous opportunity to get to the heart of the diving world and mix in with the professionals. This leads to an extremely good team building opportunity for all involved and many enthusiasts return year after year for the thrill and excitements of the lifestyle on offer.

If you are travelling as a large group, you can even decide to pre-book a week of wrecks or favourite reef dives. The smaller vessels catering for individuals are far more flexible in operation and seek out the attractions and lifestyle that their clients wish to explore. Although liveabords in general is regarded as a cheaper way to live and enjoy your sport this is not necessarily the case, some vessels are set to cater for the high end and the luxury accommodation that can be found onboard has no bounds

One attraction of this lifestyle is that there is something to suit everyone. Because of this you find that liveaboards are very diverse people coming from many different backgrounds. Which often adds to the fun and spontaneity of the group as they dive and co-habit

Its important to realise from the outset that you will need a minimum of 50 logged dives before applying for a "divng place" on a liveaboard, the nature of the dives and experiences on offer require the individual to be fairly competent and not a beginner.  

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