Hammerheads Diving

One of the thrills in scuba diving is that of Hammerhead diving. No diver can forget the first sight of one these creatures close up, their eyes looking at you as they swim past weaving their way slowly against the current. It is one of the most inspiring experiences to witness this amazing vision in the free waters of the ocean.

The hammerhead sharks swing their heads while swimming, this supposedly gives them a three dimensional vision perspective. Allowing them to gather all the necessary data in the deep waters of the ocean and controlling fully the ongoing situation. Another advantage of these species is that they are fairly widespread and abundant. Their great power and success is due to this abundance and ability to hunt successfully. The scalloped hammerhead sharks are usually known as the bronze, kidney- headed shark, being the named origin of the “scallops” of the hammer appearance.
Scalloped hammerhead sharks live in warm temperate and tropical coastal waters. A mature adult can reach up to three meters in length. An additional characteristic feature of this sharks` type is that second dorsal fin nearly reaches the tail fin. Usually during the day they are swimming in schools, sometimes this number can reach into the hundreds. Herring, mackerel, sardines and sometimes squids and octopuses are delicious lunches for the Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks.

The Great species of hammerheads can grow up to seven meters in length. Their head are the same shape with one central notch. Why this hammer is so significant? What advantages does it gives to a hammerheads? This very strange looking hammer is equipped with electrical sensors with the help of which hammerheads can detect the weakest electrical fields produced by any other creature in the sea to quite a sizable distance. It then assists in tracking and finding the meal and providing them selves with a new energy resource. The really amazing thing is that they can allegedly detect the marine magnetic fields, North and South Poles magnetic fields as well as volcanic activities. 

Although Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks are not aggressive towards humans, caution is the watch word. If they feel comfortable, and you are careful not to disturb any marine life, then you can fully enjoy these wonderful impressing sharks. 

Usually male scalloped hammerhead sharks are on the lookout to find the bigger and healthy female in order to temp her to mate. To tell you the truth, male sharks are not that tender a lover, he wraps himself around the female grasping hold of her with his teeth. The pregnancy proceeds with between a 9 and 10 month gestation period. Then without too much bother the pups are born live.

Hammerhead Sharks are big and fascinating creatures, people should take care and have great respect for them.

Hammerhead sharks diving is a thrilling and enjoyable practice, before you go diving, you must have had good training and taken on the knowledge, skills and equipment to enable you to have a safe dive.

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