Whale sharks Diving

Whale Shark
Whale Shark Diving

Have you ever tried in your life whale shark diving? Well it is one of the most exciting diving types ever invented by the civilization. The largest fish in the World Oceans is the Whale Shark. A mature shark can reach 18 meters in length and 15 tonnes in weight. It is an extraordinary and tremendous impression to see this wonderful animal in its natural environment. The background skin colour is grey with yellow stripes and dots and is 7cm thick. This specific skin colouring allows whale sharks to mix together with the underwater fauna, dive deep into ocean floor and be masked by their surroundings.

It has a huge mouth which can be up to1.4 meters wide in front of its face that is not usual for sharks. Commonly a shark`s mouth is below the face. But nature gave to them a type of big mouth in order for them to eat easily as they are filter feeders. A great deal of plankton, squid, krill and small fish is sieved through sharks’ filters and thus the lunch process is really simple. Swimming with the an open mouth allows anything that’s in the way to stream into shark`s mouth. It then has two ways out: via gills or via stomach. So, what into gills don’t trap is swallowed for dinner. About 6000lts of water is processed via shark every hour. 

If you have a great desire to perform whale shark diving, then where is the best place to find them? Well, whale sharks like warm waters, most of them live near the equator. Due to their big structure, a whale shark is a slow swimmer, as they move all of their body moves from one side to the other  in order to provide forward movement, which is not like that of standard sharks who can manage just with their tails. 

The sector of their breeding cycle is not that well known, although it is known that the mature male is smaller than that of the female and whale sharks do have internal fertilization methods for reproduction.Their breathing process is performed like any other fish, with the help of their large gills.

Taking into account the immense size of whale sharks, they are harmless to human beings. More than that, they can be scared by any scuba divers` movements or bubbles. Thus a whale shark will usually swim away from the noise or dive to the ocean floor. There are some sharks` species that are curious about people, so that they can be playful and teasing, however whale sharks are not renowned for being so. 

Though, nature is nature and you never know exactly what to expect from it. So it is regarded that whale shark diving is a risky enterprise, and you must be always ready for the unexpected.  However, it is an exciting experience, but if you do not have the suitable training, skills and knowledge, do not get involved.  All the responsibility is on your shoulders, as nobody can give you a full 100 % guarantee. Only if you follow all rules and significant facts of whale shark diving will you minimise the risk and have a really fantastic experience.

Whale shark diving is still a great mystery.
The more you get to know about it, the more you understand that there are more secrets and interesting facts still to be discovered in the undersea deep blue waters.

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