Maratua Paradise Resort

The breathtaking resort of Maratua Paradise can be found off the east coast of Indonesian Borneo. Here at we are able to offer you some of the best diving to be found in this region along with the neighbouring islands of Kakaban and Sangalaki.

Maratua Paradise resort offers sumptuous accommodation in the form of either water villas or beach chalets. All of which are extremely spacious and have private bathrooms, plus the all important air-conditioning! Whether on the beach from your chalet, or on the balconies of the water villas, the views are unprecedented and just add to a truly relaxing experience.

Beach Chalets

Our spacious beach chalets have a choice of either a twin or double bedroom. All are equipped with modern lighting, fans, air-conditioning, hair dryer and a mini bar. Also, the all important “Mosquito Mate” is included to avoid spoiling your fabulous vacation with those annoying little lodgers who love a nibble! Furniture within the accommodation includes closet, working table and dressing table. The chalets have 220v outlets which can be used to charge batteries, cameras etc.

Water Villa

The unique location of our spacious water villa is only improved by its many additional luxuries. As with our other accommodation the water villa comes in either a choice of a twin or double bedroom. Each villa has a spacious private bathroom attached which includes both a screened shower and bath tub which has its own water heater. A truly luxurious experience is to watch the sunset over the open sea as you relax in a warm bath after a hard day of enjoying yourself!
Just like the beach chalet, if you chose to stay in the water villa you will find the accommodation is equipped with modern lighting, fans, air-conditioning, hair dryer and a mini bar. Also as previously mentioned the water villa includes the all important “Mosquito Mate”. Furniture within the accommodation includes closet, working table, sofa set and dressing table. The chalets have 220v outlets which can be used to charge batteries, cameras etc.

Finally, on each of the private balconies that these idyllic water villas have, there are sun beds to enjoy. Just imagine relaxing on your private balcony taking in the breathtaking views.

Your amazing holiday at the Maratua Paradise Resort includes all meals, water, tea, coffee, stacks etc. This is not a fully inclusive package so Beer and soft drinks are not included in the price. The Maratua Paradise Resort has a wonderful restaurant located above our unique house reef, and next to our landing dock where we serve all meals, and a sundeck where you can work on your tan or meet fellow divers to socialise and compare dives.

When holidaying at the amazing Maratua Pardise Resort it is a must to join the scuba diving guides and experience the amazing marine life found in this unique part of the ever changing underwater world. In our opinion the diving at our resort is second to none, and we have seen more turtles than any other dive location, plus enormous schools of barracudas. The family of pelagic animals in this area include sightings of both the white tip and grey sharks. Even the occasisonal Hammerhed has been seen. Our previously mentioned house reef has its own Thresher shark as well. Other marine life seen whilst diving in this amazing location includes Mandarin fish, Mantis shrimp, Cuttle fish, Pygmy sea horses and the Leaf fish. A number of Manta Rays have been seen at Sangalaki, and there is a huge Jellyfish lake on Kakaban.

When vacationing in our little piece of paradise we feel there is something for every type of diver, and the beautiful waters around the Pulau Maratua have many secrets that are still to be discovered. If your passion is searching out members of the pelagic family or seeking the more unusual and small inhabitants of this amazing location we feel there is something for everyone.

Maratua truly is the Turtle Capital of Indonesia as this is a rich breeding ground for Turtles and we guarantee you will also see them when you dive here.

If snorkelling is something else you wish to experience why not try it in our huge jellyfish lake, or on the house reef, where you can even witness the Mandarin fish mating.

When diving here you will see more marine life than you can ever imagine, and as the ocean currents are constantly changing the reefs are extremely healthy with excellent coral growth.

In our experience of diving at many popular and famous locations all around the world we have yet to find one that beats the variety and size of corals around Maratua and its nearby islands. Other than the variety of ocean life to experience at this magical dive site what is a priority to all divers – Visability! Why travel to experience the beauty this location beholds only to be unable to see any of it. The visability here rivals most other dive sites and it is no exception to have visability, in excess of 100ft /30m and beyond.

What does diving around Maratua mean? You will be diving in relaxed currents where you will find an amazaing cross section of marine life. However, if you enjoy thrills when you are diving then it has to be the Maratua lagoon for you, where the currents soar thru the channel of the narrow opening from the reef. As previously mentioned you will witness sharks, rays, and large schools of fish from the pelagic family. Also in our house reef which you get to by just jumping from our jetty you will see stargazers, mating mandarin fish, leaf fish, cuttle fish and much more. Our evening sunset dives are also something that is a must to experience while you are having the time of your life here.

The variety of underwater geography in this area means that no two diving experiences are the same. Maratua and its surrounding islands will offer to you exceptional wall dives and spectacular drop-offs. This is something that you may not get at other dive sites and you may only have ever experienced gentle or steep reefs that are not as spectacular as here. Diving holiday is the best pastime!

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