Sumisid Lodge

One of the first dive lodges at Panagsama Beach, Moalboal is that of the Cozy Lodge, since 1981 this divers lodgings has been in operational. Superbly located right next to the SeaQuest Dive Center it offers the visitor amazing views of the beautiful ocean right the way across to the Island of Negros.

The laid back and casual atmosphere of the lodge is so easy to fall into by the visiting guests, as sandals and T shirts and shorts are the order of the day, very casual and relaxing approach to the whole stay. Come mealtimes a really super buffet is organised daily by the staff, so you have no choice but to really enjoy relax and feel oh so comfortable.

The usage of bamboo and a whole host of native materials makes the whole build of the lodges very eco friendly and cosy to stay in. The big outdoor veranda with the attached lounge is a meeting place where you can enjoy a cocktail and chat about the days dives and the adventures to come.

The Lodge is a 2 story building with 5 ac rooms with private bathrooms on the ground floor and 6 fan rooms with common bathrooms on the top floor.

The ac rooms have 2 single beds and are equipped with hot & cold showers, not that the water gets very cold, it's usually around 26-29c!

The fan rooms have common bathrooms only, which have been newly renovated and are kept very clean and tidy.

The accommodation rooms spread over two floors has varying type of rooms, the five ground floor rooms have private bathrooms where as the upper floor have six rooms who share a common newly renovated bathroom. A further two rooms have single beds with shower.

As the diving centre itself is literally on the doorstep you can often chat over breakfast with the staff who are preparing the days outings. All the hard work is done by the staff who manages the boats, scuba diving equipment, refills and everything you need for a unforgettable stay.

If you wish to try water for the day or a re a little tired well then just potter about snorkelling in the house reef which is literally 30m from the deck side.

Excursions to Kawasan Falls and motorbike as well as air ticket confirmations and transfers can be arranged by the staff at reception. All Visa/MasterCard cash/travellers cheques us$ or euro, cash Philippine Peso are accepted. Please keep valuables in the safety deposit safe at reception and do ask about our laundry and communications services available if so required.

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