Scuba Diving Free Icon Set

The Scuba diving free icon set (pack1) consists of 10 beautiful icons, including: anchor, coral, clown fish, mask, pearl, seahorse, sea star, treasure, and turtle. The icon set is available in pixel format and the dimensions are as follows: 32px*32px, 48px*48px, 128px*128px, 256px*256px.

Thank you and enjoy, more packs too come! is launched by Diving Holidays, a renowned tour-operator from the Netherlands and one of the largest retailers for diving holidays in Europe, trading for over 15 years. Diving Holidays has a solid background and extensive knowledge of the diving holiday industry, its professional and dedicated team all share a passion for diving, travelling and online marketing expertise


You can use the Scuba diving icon set on all your projects for free and without any restrictions. Feel free to use it for your commercial or private projects, software, services, themes and templates. All icons on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Please, if you would be so kind to link back to if you use those icons.


carmen davis said:

Hello, I have use your Icon set on products for sell on my webstie at It you click on the heading list on my webpage you will see the products with your icons and a short discription of your service..I also plan to add your web address on some of the products like not note cards, postcard greeting cards ...when i get the time to do so. If this meets with your approval please let me know... if not... also let me know and I will delete the products immediately. PS..If you receive another email similar to this one please accept my apologise as I was experiencing computer problem... thank you carmen davis

Casanova said:

Great Artwork, Thank You for Sharing. We will put to use some of your wonderful icons and share the info with Casanova Adventurers! Discover New Unseen World's Underwater.

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