Maldives Aggressor

Maldives Aggressor
Maldives Aggressor

Maldives Aggressor
If you sail in the south pacific seas off of India you will be wanting a sheltered cover, one such safe haven are  the Islands of the Maldives. To most people when these Islands’ are mentioned the idea of rare tropical paradise pops into mind. Well they would not be wrong, clear warm waters, turquoise lagoons and sparkling white beaches are abundant. Not only this but the wonderful coral reefs, coupled with the flora and fauna on the islands bring in visitors by their thousands every year.

The Maldives offers a wide variety of diving holidays, inside or outside the atolls between the channels and fast water passages all offer a wonderful chance to see some really fabulous fish. Some of the very interesting positions on the reefs are the cleaning ledges and points, many Eels, Parrotfish, Groupers, Surgeonfish, Snappers and even Giant Napoleon Wrasse lie in wait with armies of Wrasse in attendance. The Macro Cameraman can often take many super close-up shots as the many shrimps and little fish pick and clean and diving in and out of the mouths of the larger fish.
Slightly further out in the moving waters you can find the super shoals of fish as they patrol the reefs. Trevally Jacks, Barracuda, Batfish, White Snappers, Yellowback Fusiliers and Harlequin Sweetlips to name but a few all milling around. The larger reef dwellers are not too far behind as they look for a meal or just cruise around, such as Sharks and Rays, if your luck is really in then the White Sharks may well be available.

The Maldives Aggressor offers eight deluxe rooms with a double and single bed. In addition there are two staterooms with two single beds all of which have a shower and head. The saloon with its Video/Centre and spacious sundeck with its appropriate shading and chaise lounge and deck chairs all add to the ambiance of the occasion.
 All diving is catered for and is run form the supporting diving dhoni that trails the divers as they work the reefs. Nitrox is available on board at a one off cost of $100.

A Sample Itinerary

North Malé, South Malé, Felidoo Atolls

Boarding 5:00 p.m. A get to know evening with the Captain and crew.

The Kuda Giri Wreck, steel wreck lying upright at 65 feet. Guraidhoo Corner, Sharks, Eagle Rays, Napoleon Wrasse and reef fish.

The Kandooma Thila, dense schools of Jacks, Trevally and Snapper,large outcroppings with brilliant soft corals. Guraidhoo Corner, Sharks, Eagle Rays, schooling Bannerfish, Tuna, schooling Fusilier. Cocoa Corner, many caves and overhangs, Turtles and Black Snapper. Medhu Faru, sea fans, soft corals, Barracuda and Sharks.

Guraidhoo Corner, Sharks, Eagle Rays, Napoleon Wrasse and reef fish. Miyaru Kandu, White-tip and Black-tip Sharks, cave at 108 feet is home to Grey Reef Sharks. Fotteyo, a photographer’s paradise, overhangs and cave ceilings are covered in soft coral, hard corals, Sharks, Titan Triggerfish, schools of Sweetlips, a remarkable dive.

At Fotteyo, it’s really worth diving again! Rakeedhoo Kandu, a deep channel with coral terraces on the channel walls, lots of pelagics. Vattaru Kandu, large sea fans, Black Coral trees, occasional Leopard Sharks, schools of Fusilier, Turtles and Manta Rays.

Mulaku Kandu attracts giant Trevally, Tuna, Great Barracuda, White-tip and Black-tip Sharks and Turtles. Rakeedhoo Kandu. Ambara Thila, hundreds of anemones, excellent hard corals, White-tip Sharks. Kudiboli Kandu, a corner with a cave at 82 feet, beautiful soft corals, White-tip and Black-tip Sharks.

Guraidhoo Corner. Embudhoo Express, on a swift incoming current, pelagics, like Eagle Rays and Napoleon Wrasse are drawn to the channel. The 270-foot freighter, Victory Wreck, lies upright at 110 feet, nudibranches and stony corals. Manta Point, a Manta Ray cleaning station, when the cleaning is complete, they swoop down to the reef feeding on Zooplankton. Afternoon: snorkeling and visit to Malé.

7:00 a.m.- 8:00 a.m. Check Out. Day rooms available for up to 12 hours.

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