Equinox El Nabaa Resort

Visitors from all over the world flock to the lovely resort of Equinox El Nabaa on a yearly basis. Situated some say in one of the finest virgin reef areas to the South of the Red Sea offering the diver the most wonderful and exhilarating experience along with a superb range of aqua sports activities.

On top of this the traveler can undertake further adventures inland on some of the Safari excursions laid on by the Equinox El Naba hotel. The resort is set amidst some magnificent of green landscaping, alongside the sun drenched beaches and the hotels unique set of swimming pools.

Nearly all of the rooms of the Equinox El Nabaa and there are 232 of them have a balcony with a sea or panoramic view looking out over the resort. Each room has the standard en suite bathroom as well as air-conditioning, minibar TV, valuables should be locked in the safe available at reception.

Breakfast as well as lunch and dinner are served daily as a help yourself buffet. The restaurant caters for traditional local foods as well as a range of international dishes all served to a high standard.

The Equinox El Nabaa Resort has some of the best scuba diving available, many super coral reefs and such a superb variety of fish and marine life to swim with and be amazed by such as the like of Sharks and Manta rays. One such dive site not to be missed is the famous housereef, here you can often swim and dive with Turtles a really thrilling experience. The Equinox El Nabaa is located very close to some of the most important diving sites situated at the south end of the Red Sea such as like Elphinstone, Abu Dabab, Shabrur and Gota El Nabaa and therefore gives you superb access to all with minimalist traveling time.

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