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Imagine a beautiful scene directly at the house reef visualize a view over the stunning Golf of Aqaba through to Saudi Arabia and picture the sun deck between dives. You could easily be dreaming of the InMo hotel and dive centre! The restaurant, swimming pool and a children play ground with cave and paddling pool are set a stone’s throw from the beach capturing a stunning setting.

Hotel Rooms

Each of the 20 hotel rooms are based on an oriental style, complete with domes and arches. Designed for your comfort standard facilities include double beds, shower, toilet and cooling fan. Optionally some rooms are equipped with an additional single/double bed or accessibility for a wheelchair with ease of access throughout the hotel complex is ensured with ramps throughout.

Backpacker Rooms

The beautiful location is available to travelers of all budgets, with 16 simple rooms including some with stunning sea views specified for backpackers (common showers and WC).


The main restaurant is located at the beach and styled in keeping with the rest of the hotel and diving center, yet set with a bedouine style decor.

A variety of tastes are catered for with an abundant selection of eastern and more international meals and beverages.
Specialty of the house are the Eqyptian buffers and thirst quenching beverages like the “sahlab”.  Relax as the breakfast and dinner buffet are served by the pool or down on the beach. With fresh fruit juices, non-alcoholic drinks as well as vegetarian meals ensuring we please each guests taste. A weekly highlight is the Wadi dinner in the mountains. Travel either by jeep or camels!

  • The Hotels TV-room provides access to choice of local or international programs. Underwater feature and documentary films are also available here.
  • Magazines and books can be also freely rented and exchanged.
  • Games includes billiards (for a small charge) or board games such as chess or backgammon.
  • Fish and Sinai guides are also available to purchase.
  • Families are catered for with a swimming pool including child basin and terrace, a playground and child and babysitting services.

For those wishing to venture out, trips by Camel or jeep take you to nearby locations of interest. Highlights include a one or more day camel or jeep safari along the coast to distant spots.

Diving Holidays:

Safety is paramount to the Inmo Divers hotel with our diving center integrated into the hotel. The rules of the Eqyptian diving federation are followed precisely to promote safe diving, and this includes limiting all diving trips to a maximum depth of 30 meters.

Divers of all levels are catered for – independent dives at the house reef without a guide, or fully staffed for inexperienced divers. For safety dive groups are limited to a maximum of 6 persons.

A workshop, filling station (4 Bauer compressors provide up to 1400 liters air/minute), WC, showers and of lockable cabinets for your valuables are also available.

Dahab is built for shore diving, with almost of the 30 scuba diving spots accessible by jeep. Dahab became famous among divers by the Blue hole and the Canyon, classical, already celebrated deep-diving places. Yet spots such as Lighthouse, Eelgarden, Abu Thalhal and other diving places with its fascinating flora and -fauna, ensure easy diving is just as enjoyable.

You will find each dive site is different, with Gardens, Canyon, Caves and drop offs alternate. Whilst experienced divers will enjoy underwater labyrinths.Like the Spanish dancer, Seahorses in sea-grass in the Lighthouse or the lagoon inspire and can be discovered in Dahabs diving spots even on during the day.

Inmo house reef

Located directly in front of the hotel and dive center is the house reef. The reef edge is located only a few meters from the beach! At approximately 15 meters deep you find single coral blocks offer a thriving habitat for many sea creatures.

The Red Sea has an abundance of sea life, such as Arab emperor fish, lion fish, seahorses, groupers even blue spotted stingray. At night you can see feather stars, shrimps, octopus and bio luminating plankton. At the far end a maximum depth of 30 meters ensures the house reef is suitable also for experienced divers and those wishing to train diving skills. Being located directly to the beach makes it easy for all to access including snorkelers and those just starting out.

Desert and Dive Safaris

Today a desert safari is one of the last possible adventures in our time. At Inmo you can book a unique desert trip with jeep or camel at any time and combine it with the dive packages. Inmo organizes the complete package for you, desert trips along the coast or inland – including overnight accommodation if required. 

Your blend of culture, nature, religion and adventure suited to you. Canyon trekking, dessert safari, overnight accommodation in the tent or in Bedouin camps, camel ride, Wadi trekking and of course diving stands on the program.
Relax in the knowledge your luggage can be safely and securely stored in the hotel during the safari.

Bedouins prepare for you at the campfire straightforward, but nutritious meals during the whole Safari. The route guaranties you profound views of the origins of the oriental culture and the diverse landscape. Professional guides ensure the routes through the desert are in safe hands.

InMo hotel and dive centre is a dream location for your perfect diving holiday.

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