La Reine Hotel

In the heart of Dahab is the Reine Dahab hotel. The beach is only a 5 minute walk and the bazaars are even closer at 3 minutes. The hotel reception is open 24 hours and has a safe box for the guests to store their valuables. La Reine Hotel offers you to try scuba diving incooperation with Inmo Divers.

All 33 rooms have the “Egyptian ministry of tourism’s 3 star standard” with en-suite bathrooms, air-conditioning, satellite television, telephone and mini bar. 25 of the rooms have balcony views overlooking the swimming pool and the others have beautiful mountain views.


The restaurant is open for breakfast between the hours of 7 and 10, but is open for snacks and meals until 11 PM. There is a great range of fine international and oriental meals and a wide variety of soft drinks and fresh juices. There is also an opportunity to spend the evening in the desert under the stars with the restaurants buffet dinner and BBQ.

Private beach

The hotel even has its own coral beach with a house reef and sun terrace. It is 500m away and where possible there will be a free shuttle service.

The restaurant also offers:

  • Free internet and email access.
  • Free shuttle bus to the private beach.
  • Babysitting service is available but must be booked.
  • There is a doctor on call 24hours a day. 
  • Airport shuttle service.
  • Laundry Service.
  • Desert and dive safaris.
  • International phone and fax 24 hours a day.
  • Security guards are at their posts 24 hours a day.
  • If you would like to learn or improve Arabic. The resort has qualified English and German speaking teachers.

Two minutes walk from the La Reine is a diving centre at InMo Divers Home. The diving centre has a reception with equipment issue, some cosy corners and classrooms. Within the resort there is a complete workshop where you can fill your bottles (Bauer compressors provide up to 1400 ltr. air/minute). Toilets and showers are available as well as lockable cabinets for storing diving equipment.

InMo takes the safety of its divers seriously and strictly keeps the rules of the Egyptian diving federation. They offer diving trips only up to max depth of 30 meters. Dives at the house reef are possible without guides. The staff take good care of inexperienced divers therefore the dive groups are restricted to a maximum of 6 people.

Dahab is famous for diving and most of the 30 spots are reachable by Jeeps. Dahab was made famous among divers by the Blue hole and the Canyon, classical, already legendary deep-diving places. There are other spots including Lighthouse, Eelgarden, Abu Thalhal that lend themselves to the new diver with their fascinating flora and fauna.

Every diving site is different. Gardens, Canyon, Caves and drop offs alternate. The underwater labyrinths are fascinating if you dive through them. The seahorses in sea-grass in the Lighthouse or the Lagoon are inspiring like the Spanish dancer. They can be discovered in Dahabs fascinating diving spots even in the day. InMo’s specialty is a one or more day jeep or camel safari along the coast to different spots.

Inmo house reef:

The house reef is located in front of the hotel and dive centre. The reefs edge lies some meters away from the beach. This beautiful diving spot will please every photographer and videofilmer. It is approximately 15 meters deep with an easily bent coralwall and its single coral-blocks offer habitat for sea inhabitants. From the Arab emperor fish, lion fish, seahorses, groupers up to bluespotted stingray, here you nearly have everything the Red Sea has to offer.

The InMo house reef is suitable for new and experienced divers who want to learn new skills as it has a maximum depth of 30 meters. It is easy to get in and out and the direct proximity to the diving centre makes the house reef the ideal diving spot for beginners to have a go at diving. At night you can see feather stars, shrimps, octopi and much more. Try and get a look at the bio illuminating plankton as this would be unforgettable experience. Diving holidays with La Reine Hotel is an unforgettable trip in warm waters.

The InMo team can organize an exciting one or more day camel or jeep safaris in the deserts of Sinai. This is bookable directly in the hotel. The safaris will offer a mixture of culture, nature, religion and adventure to you. Dessert safari, canyon trekking, overnight accommodation in a tent or in Bedouin camps, Wadi trekking, camel rides and also diving is included. Your luggage can be stored at the hotel during the safari. Bedouins will prepare simple, nutritious meals during the whole safari.

The desert safari is one of the last adventures available. The route has breathtaking views of the varied landscape and the origins of the culture. The desert is not something to do on your own so there will be professional guides on the trip, careful consideration should be ever present when meeting with the local inhabitants.

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