Red Sea Diving Safari - Nakari Village

Located 291km south of Hurghada Airport, the Marsa Nakari Village is opposite the Dolphin House Reef, combining the peace and tranquility of the desert with the personal touch provided by professional but fun loving staff. In the early Roman period the area was used as a port city and remains of this ancient settlement can be seen overlooking the bay. The village has 25 tents; both standard and Royal, 11 huts and 28 chalets.

Marsa Nakari Village Accommodation:


The chalets are stone built with desert style architecture domed roofs which works to keep the interior cool without air conditioning. Each chalet is furnished with two beds wardrobe, dressing table with mirror, side table and fan. The en-suite bathroom had shower with hot and cold water; towels are provided aswell as a toilet. Each chalet is 24m² in area.


The Huts or Mandarahs are 3.5m square, and have 2 beds with sheets, blankets and pillows provided. Like the Chalets they have a desert style domed roof to keep the interior cool without air conditioning. Additionally there is a bedside table, lamp, clothes cupboard and fan. Communal showers with hot and cold water and toilet are provided.


Standard Tents are the same size as the huts and also have two beds, electricity is available for lighting, battery recharging, and computer use. Communal showers with hot and cold water and toilet are provided.
Royal Tents are twice the size of standard tens and have a choice of a master bed or doubles, the master beds is the ideal choice for couples.


Three meals per day are provided; the times are set to match the dive schedule with cake in the late afternoon.

Marsa Nakari Village Diving Holidays:

Marsa Nakari Village is located on the bay, or Marsa, where the house reef provides a superb scuba diving experience for all divers. There are many species of fish and excellent hard coral formations. The bay drops slowly from a shallow 10m to 40-50m. The standard dive package offers 2 guided dives per day with transport to the selected site by either truck or RIB, and unlimited day or night house reef diving. Other dives at numerous offshore reefs are possible by boat.

All divers receive an orientation dive on the first day with one of the guides covering the bay, and after this, divers with sufficient ability can enjoy the freedom of the unlimited diving on the house reef. Zodiac services provide up to 6 different patterns to give easy access to the various locations on the reef. You have the freedom to dive when and where you wish at your own pace from first light of dead of night.

Heading south from Marsa Nakari Village, the safari trucks run twice a day; providing access to the sharms, marsas and reef walls on the coast.  The Nakari in-range boat diving program is optional and must be paid for on site. The boat scuba diving program has 3 sites covering South Garden Nakari, Habili Nakari and Shaab Nakari.

It takes 30 minutes to reach the reef of Shaab Samadai, which is more famously known as Dolphin House. Boat dives are available on request, payable on site, for two outstanding dives. Alternatively you can go snorkeling with the group of spinner dolphins that give the place its name.

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