Palau Aggressor II

Palau Aggressor II

If WWII wreck diving in shark infested waters is your bag then look no further to this exciting adventure on the Palau Aggressor II. Around the rock mushroom shaped islands many an adventure can be had, including that of Blue Hole diving something you will never forget, there are freshwater lakes with hidden caves , watch out for the stingless jellyfish as they float by and not forgetting the shear walls covered in corals and anemones of some size.
Some of the dives offered on the Palau are quite challenging and thus are not suitable for beginners, the dives themselves are all made from the skiff suspended and lowered from the aft derricks by hydraulic cradle. During a seven day charter, five and half days are spent diving, all transfers to and from the  Palau Aggressor II are provided.

The ship was fully designed around the wants of the diver, with suitable gear lockers, planned seating for donning gear and rinse positions for a freshwater shower. A camera table with rinse tank and low pressure air hose is available to the clients.  Nitrox is available on board for an extra fee of $ 100,- for unlimited fills. For those who wish, rental gear is available and full instructions and briefings at all times will be given.

With nine staterooms each with a double bed and one single shower and head, with full climate control. The Saloon is equipped with a complete entertainment centre, TV, DVD and CD player. The sun desk has a very nice hot tub and is a very nice place to relax.

Sample Itinerary:

Most divers arrive on the Sunday evening flights. We will meet guests at the airport and transferred to the boat. Once aboard a delightful welcome aboard dinner followed by the Captain’s safety briefing, which outlines the week’s activities and safety procedures.

Monday through to Friday:
Each morning a dive briefing! Then the diving begins Monday morning at the super sites like that of Ulong Channel and the Iro Maru. Mid-week, the Aggressor heads due south to Peleliu Island, where weather permitting a WWII land tour and more fabulous diving.

Diving ends Saturday morning, usually with a trip to Chandelier Caves. At approximately 2:00 p.m., the boat returns to port. At 6:00 p.m. cocktail party and diners are then taken to a super restaurant where dinner is served. (The Friday night meal is not included in the charter.)

Checkout time is 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning. All passengers are transferred to the airport or local hotel.

Itinerary may vary due to weather conditions and yacht location.

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