Mindoro Scuba Diving

Mindoro is one of the major islands in the Philippines. The east part of the island is Oriental Mindoro and the west is Occidental Mindoro. Mindoro scuba diving is a popular activity among the tourists that visit the island. Enjoying Mindoro diving holidays provide the visitors with enormous opportunities to explore. There are quite a few popular destinations of Mindoro diving such as Puerto Galera and Pandan Island. Pandan Island is a small island located in the west of Mindoro that provides amazing liveabroad trips to Apo Island and Apo Reef. Puerto Galera is also popular among the divers where you can witness a wide range of marine life.

In any of Mindoro’s exciting diving locations one can find different species of fishes along with sting rays, turtles, eagle rays, manta rays, reef sharks, coral, etc. The dynamic is definitely attractive to all the diving enthusiasts. There are several diving training centers for the new learner so that everyone can enjoy the best of diving.

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