Visayas Scuba Diving

Visayas is a beautiful island in the Philippines that brings rich history and natural wonder with it. This part of the Philippines includes numerous diving destinations and that is why Visayas diving holidays are so very popular. There are various islands that encircle Visayas and that increase the opportunities of diving even further. With crystal clear waters and marvelous marine life, Visayas scuba diving is a treat for the diving enthusiasts.

At Visayas, you can go island hopping for that extra diving thrill. You can start from Dumaguete and then head towards Cabilao to Cebu. You can also reach the popular sites of Daulin and Apo Island. There are several dive shops with which you can arrange island hopping from or you can get ferries for connecting to different islands. Traveling around is very convenient and at the same time the opportunities to explore while scuba diving are huge.

Overall, Visayas diving provides great diversity for the divers to experience the rich diversity of nature.

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